Mega Insta-buy

In course of offering innovative banking services to customer Mega Bank have launched Mega Insta-buy (EMI) facility to Mega credit card customers. Customers can purchase goods or avail services now and pay later as per their cash flow. For this purpose, the Bank has tied up with different merchants to provide EMI on 0% interest. The products may be electronic device purchase, Holiday package, Household items or any other product in which the Bank offers the installment purchase option with an agreement with merchant. 

Under this scheme, Mega Credit Cards holders can use their available limit to purchase various goods & services and settle the used limit to bank on monthly basis with a set monthly amount within a period of 6 to 18 months.


In case of Merchant:

  • Customer need to visit any merchant location approved by the Bank for purchasing goods and Services.
  • Customer need to collect the quotation of the goods or services to purchase on EMI scheme and submit it along with Credit card EMI Application form to any nearby Branches (form shall be available with merchant or at our branches).
  • Upon receiving the quotation and the application, bank shall verify the details and will book EMI amount to customer’s credit card account; starting from the immediate billing cycle date till the completion of EMI tenure; Payment due date will be the same as existing credit card.
  • Further, the bank will issue Delivery Order to the Merchant.
  • Once the merchant receives the Delivery order, the merchant shall process for delivery of the product/service to the customer.

In case of Non-Merchant:

  • Customer need to present the VAT bill not exceeding more than 90 days to Bank.
  • Customer can be existing Mega Credit Cardholders or must apply for credit card to process for EMI Product.
  • After the application is approved, Bank shall credit customer’s account with 90% of the VAT Income amount. However, customer will be required to pay 100% amount mentioned in the VAT bill within 6 months to 18 months.

Merchant List