Consumer Banking

Mega Consumer Banking aims at meeting the entire financial needs of its customers in a personalised way. Services offered through Consumer Banking include: Accounts and Deposits, Debit Cards, Direct Banking, Remittance Products and various Consumer Lending Products such as Auto Loan, Housing Loan, Mortgage Loan, Personal Loan and so forth.

Mega Deposit Centre with Sampurna Banking and Private Banking gives you banking experience in a more focused way. 

The personnel at Consumer Banking are equipped to provide you a 5 Star banking experience each time you make a visit to the Bank. Your entire personal financial needs shall be duly taken care of in order to be able to match your expectations.

For the details about the Products and Services please browse through their individual pages.

Mega LCY Denominated Account
Mega FCY Denominated Account
Mega Loans
Mega Remittance
Mega Card