Mega Matribhumi Savings Account (Only For Remittance Purpose)

Mega Matribhumi Savings Account (Only For Remittance Purpose) img

Mega Matribhumi Savings Account (MRSA2) is a special Savings account designed for Nepalese customers working in abroad (Remitters) and for those who are planning to go abroad. It comes with high interest rate, attractive features and no balance requirement.


  • Minimum Balance Requirement: NPR 500
  • Interest Rate: 10.133 % per annum
  • Free Checkbook (after remittance has been received)
  • Free Online Banking Facility
  • Free on demand statement of account
  • Free Mega Mobile Banking Facility (1st year only)
  • Free Mero Share(For First Year)
  • Free Standing Instruction Facility
  • 25% discount on Instant VISA Debit Card (1st year only)
  • 25% discount on Loan processing fee (Retail Loan)

* MRSA2 account can be opened only through Remittance Department of the Bank.

** In case of customers planning to go abroad, Visa and other supporting documents are required. Passport is compulsory (except for India).

*** Online Account Opening Facility