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CSR Activities -2075/76

  1. Janamaitri Multiple Campus for Construction of Campus Building

The Bank has always come forward to give back to the society. As the new campus building will help for the quality education of more than 3000 students, it is proposed to provide financial support to the Campus. The provided amount will be utilized by the Campus for the construction of the Campus building.


  1. Shelter Ashraya Nepal

Shelter is a voluntary non-government organization established in 2014 which envision a society where children are safe, protected and have access to all the rights. Shelter uses “Sports” as the fundamental therapy to help the street children as it gives them the opportunity to be seen and heard. Shelter works for children, development of women and their empowerment and upliftment of farmers.


The Bank has planned to support them by analysis the following mileages:

  • CSR Activity towards Needy Children: As the festival aims to give opportunity for street children to do something, the Bank support will help to encouragement them so that they could make their dreams come true through sports.
  • The Bank’s name will be carried in the press release of the festival.
  • The Bank will also be provided with space for stall where the Bank’s staff will provide information related to Banking and the Bank’s products (Financial Literacy) to the organizers, participates and audiences.


  1. Budanilkantha Municipality for Social Security and Awareness Activities

Budanilkantha is a municipality in Kathmandu District in the Province No. 3 of Nepal. Now, there are large density of population in that area. In that place in order to maintain social security and safety for the people, Community- Police partnership program is being carried out. In the same program, they are going to carry out various social awareness program which includes training for children, women, senior citizens related to self-defense and safety.

The program will have:

  • Interaction program with parents, teachers and students at various school of that area regarding social awareness.
  • Printing and distribution of security and safety awareness pamphlets.
  • Establishment of social security club which will have children, women and senior citizens.
  • Establishment of Digital Information System in 5 different places.


In this regards, they have sent proposal for support in the program. As the activities is related for the safety and security in that place, the Bank has supported the program.


  1. Nepal Mega College for social work on Education

Nepal Mega College students are going to build child friendly space and infrastructure in Shree Jalapa Secondary School. The school is located in Sunkoshi Rural Municipality-7, Kothe Sindhupalchowk, Province No. 3. The school was affected by devastating earthquake- 2015. The school is partially damaged and has not been renovated properly. Recently government has constructed a two storied building consisting 8 rooms and have painted the new building and a one storied building is under construction. The main problem is that the old building wasn’t managed and renovated properly and there is lack of child friendly space in the school. There is lack of proper and maintained classrooms for the children for smooth study. Being the only school in the community nearby it lacks of child friendly space, improper playground, not well-managed classrooms and lack of bathrooms and furniture that have also constituted to poor condition and leading to lower enrollment of students after the earthquake.

The students have made the following planning for the betterment of the school:

  • Renovation of Classrooms
  • Library Management
  • Painting each and every class including school building and other spaces on child friendly theme.
  • Management of the playground and fencing the school compound
  • Awareness to students, parents and community members on WASH and importance of child friendly school environment.


In this regards, the students from Nepal Mega College have sent proposal to the Bank for support in their initiative. As Mega Bank has always come forward to give back to the society through various Corporate Social Responsibility activities, the Bank has supported their noble cause which will be utilized for Play Ground Management in which they are purchasing one swing, one slide and one sea-saw for the students of that school.


  1. Sathya Sai Center Kathmandu

The organization is involved in devotional activities to quench the thirst of spiritual seekers, educational activities to assist in the character development of the children and help adults in practicing values in daily life through Sri Sathya Sai Education in Human Values program and various service activities to help and serve the needy.

Different activities of Sathya Sai Center Kathmandu:

  • Daily meditation and prayer.
  • Devotional singing with family members once a week.
  • To encourage children of the family to participate in Sai Spiritual Education (Bal Vikash) program of the center.
  • Participation at the Center’s Bhajan at least once in a month.
  • Participation in community service work organized by the center.
  • Regular study of Sai literature.
  • Practice placing a ceiling on desires and utilize the savings for service to mankind.
  • The use of soft, loving speech with everyone.
  • Not speaking ill of others, especially in their absence.
  • Organize different health program.

Mega Bank has always come forward in addressing the Bank’s Corporate Social Responsibility towards the community, institution and individual. Giving continuity to the same and as per the support letter sent by the Sathya Sai Center Kathmandu, we supported to purchase new sofa set and tea table for their office area.


  1. Positive Inspiration Campaigning Nepal

Positive Inspiration Campaigning Nepal is an organization which is concern with the public health. In reference to address the mentioned subject, they are planning to organize three days Health camp related with eye, social pressure and gynecologist.




  • Project Title: Community Based Eye Camp
  • Date:  24th Poush, 2075- 25th Poush, 2075
  • Address:  Sankhamul, Kathmandu


Mega Bank has always come forward in addressing the Bank’s Corporate Social Responsibility towards the community, institution and individual. Giving continuity to the same, the Bank has supported.


  1. Nepal Cancer Survivor’s Society (NeCaSS)

NeCaSS is a community based non-profit making voluntarily non-Governmental Organization (NGO) established by group of cancer survivor’s volunteers and their family members in accordance with organization Act 2034 with a sublime view to uplift & to help cancer patients, their families and general public of the community living within Nepal with an objective to promote cancer awareness and prevention, screening, counseling, and advocacy.


NeCaSS is registered under District Administration Office of Kathmandu and affiliated with Social Welfare Council on apex body of Government of Nepal on B.S. 2074 to achieve the organization’s goal. Nepal Cancer Survivor’s Society has been conducting various cancer awareness programs, formal & informal counseling and sharing experiences of survivors programs at different level since its inception.

Purpose of the Project/Programs:

  • Make aware on possible symptom of breast, cervix uteri cancer
  • Organize a screening for breast/cervix uteri cancer detection
  • Orient Various risk factors of cancer
  • Create mass awareness to fight against all types of cancer
  • Support cancer survivors to come out from different type mental stresses
  • Create mass awareness of women


Program Schedule:

  • Date: 2075/09/21, Saturday
  • Time: 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM
  • Venue: Metro Eye care, Subhidanagar, Tinkune


NeCaSS has proposed the Bank for the sponsorship in their project. As this is one of the noble project where the Bank wills invite customers and staff for the above mentioned check-ups and tests which will be one of the Bank’s CSR activities. Hence, the Bank has supported.


  1. Jageshwor Secondary School

Mega Bank has always come forward in addressing the Bank’s Corporate Social Responsibility towards the community. Giving continuity to the same, the bank has provided sweater to the student of Jageshwor Secondary School Bhimsen RMC-8 Gorkha.


  1. St. Xavier College for “Winter Warmth-4” project

“Winter Warmth -4” underpins project is going to be organized by the students of St. Xavier’s. It is a charitable event organized by the students of BSW with the aim of serving the underprivileged children and household of various areas of our country. The actual needy people will be identified through need assessment and donated with the winter clothes. The program has been divided into 3 parts: fundraising, crowd funding and charity event.

Event Goals:

  • Provide the disadvantaged street children of Kathmandu, Pokhara with 450-500 winter jackets and socks to fill their lives with warmth this winter.
  • Provide blankets to 100 families of Chepang community of Chitwan District.


Chepang Community:

The Chepang are one of Nepal’s most disadvantaged indigenous groups and are classified under the ‘highly marginalized’ category on the basis of a set of socio-economic indicators, such as population size, language literacy rate, house type, landownership, occupation and access to higher education. According to the recent Nepal Living Standard Survey, almost 90 percent of Chepang live below the poverty line, earning around 6,000 Nepali rupees per capita annually. It highlights some of the main obstacles Chepang people face in terms of accessing education services, livelihoods, development aid and participation in governance.

Mega Bank has always come forward in addressing the Bank’s Corporate Social Responsibility towards the community. Giving continuity to the same, the bank decided to help those Chepang families for their nightmare nights to make it warmth through the student of St. Xavier college from their Winter Warmth project. For the same the Bank has provided financial assistant.


  1. CSR jingle in Kantipur FM and Ujyalo FM

Broadcasting of CSR jingle about Girl Education, women harassment/ abuse and other social awareness related with women through Kantipur FM and Ujyalo FM.



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