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Global Market performs various treasury related services such as Foreign Exchange in coordination with Trade Finance and Remittance Departments, Money Market, Idle Fund Management, CRR Management, SLR Management, Bullion Import and Trade, Overall Asset Liability Management, Proprietary and non-proprietary Forward Contracts to hedge risks and several other roles permissible by the Circular and Policies of the Central Bank.  In addition to establishing Correspondent Relationships with International Banks, Global Markets plays an important part for nation building by investing in Government Securities such as T-bill and Development Bonds and FCY Bonds and Securities. 

The Dealers often find themselves in unchartered territory when formulating strategies to manage risk, when facilitating business growth and when supporting the organization in new and resourceful ways in managing Cash, Liquidity and Trade. Even during times of such unprecedented challenges posted by the global pandemic which has brought on increased market volatility, the Global Markets Department thrives to forecast ahead with confidence, manage liquidity and funding without cost escalation and act as a bridge between the organization, customers and regulators to deliver goals efficiently.

After a successful decade of tremendous growth, Global Markets Department of Mega Bank has entered a new phase adapting and staying abreast of a very rapidly changing regulatory and technological environment identifying new opportunities to expand and new revenue streams to tap. It would be fair to say that the core function of a Global Markets Dealer has become increasingly complex and multifaceted.

Global Markets Department

4th Floor, Rising Mall, Kamaladi

Kathmandu, Nepal

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