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Frequently Asked Questions 

 MCL Banking

1.    Who is MCL Banking for?

MCL banking is for established units or groups who are now seeking bank financing to grow from small and medium scale to a larger scale.  

2.    What sectors do you finance?

Manufacturing, tourism/travel, health, importers/exporters, traders, wholesaler, retailers, logistics/transport, education etc.

3.    Why should I choose MEGA Bank for MCL banking?

Our highly qualified MCL team understands your business and aspires to deliver exceptional service and invaluable advice to foster your business’ growth and create relationships that will last on for generations. 

4.    What types of credit facilities are provided under MEGA MCL Banking?

All forms of funded facilities such as Overdraft, Demand and Short Term Loans, Fixed Term Loans, Import Loans and non funded services such as Letter of Credit, Guarantees and Documents negotiations. 

5.    How can I apply?

You can apply for an MCL loan, or find out if you are eligible by contacting any of the numerous Mega Branches across the nation, or visiting your nearest branch. Our staff will then guide and advise you regarding rest of the process.