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1.    Who will be eligible to take Mega Micro banking services?

Every Nepalese citizen from poor households who will show and prove the interest to grow are eligible for the service.

2.    I am from a remote village, how shall I get the service?

You first talk in groups of your similar level at your locality then inform to the nearest branch of the bank from your place. Our staff will come to facilitate you.

3.    Is the product limited only to female groups?

No. We offer services to both male and female groups.

4.    What sectors do Mega Micro Banking covers?

We will deliver services covering diversified sectors of the economy. Our focus will be on: 1. Micro trade 2. Small and cottage industries, agro-based industries 3. Livestock including dairy industry 4. Herbal production and processing 5. Horticulture production and processing 6. Agriculture, mainly cash crops- vegetable, sugarcane 7. Foreign employment 8. Small scale housing loan 9. Micro-hydro 10. Community Hospital and 11. Others

5.    What documents do I require to submit for the service?

Nepali Citizenship and other documents that may vary upon nature of credit and services required.

6.    Do I/we need to go to bank for borrowing repayment?

No for deposit and credit, but we will also provide services like ATM, remittance to micro banking clients. You need to go to the bank for other services.

7.    What is the interest rate on credit from Micro Banking?

It will be at market competitive rate.