Nepal is a nation that has as many 'Jatras' as days in a year. Jatras that date ages back, whose origins and meanings are woven into our national culture and heritage. Like our forefathers before us we have also celebrated these Jatras year on year and we hope that for generations to come they will continue to be a part of the very fabric of our nation. However we feel that the time has come for us to now individually stand up and collectively put together a 'Jatra of Our Generation', something that reflects the need and aspirations of our time, something that we can pass on to future generations, as generations gone by have passed on to us.

With this aspiration we commence the journey of the 'Mega Bagmati Jal Jatra' the Jatra of Our Generation. The life line of every city, society and civilization are its rivers. All over the world, all across time it is on the banks of great rivers that mankind has made their homes and built the greatest of cities. Today as we forge ahead to build a better Nepal for ourselves and the generations that will live in this Valley we call home, the time has come for us to come together to save the rivers that are the lifeline of Kathmandu. To bring this need to the forefront of all dwellers of the Valley, we have come together to commence the Mega Bagmati Jal Jatra the Jatra of Our Generation!

It is the festival of our time, a Jatra of the 21st Century, a celebration for all religions, people of all ages and gender, poor or rich to first and foremost raise concern on the state of the Bagmati and realize the importance to start participating now to revive the health of the river and our Bagmati Civilization. The Jal Jatra aims at bringing all of us who call the Valley our home, closer to the river, to firstly raise our level of concern and understand the problems of our river. When we start to be concerned about it, we will start to care about it, only then will it be possible to conserve it through our individual and collective efforts.

With the Jal Jatra we want to bring forth 5 C.L.E.A.N. Bagmati Stars

Clear Solid Waste    
Although most of the waste of the valley goes to designated dumping sites, still a lot of the waste generated by the Valley's population is thrown into the River, this has to be stopped. 

Law & Order     
Problems like land intrusion, unauthorized settlements, sand picking etc. must be resolved through a system of prize and punishment, so that people will automatically minimize the demolition of the River.

Enhance Water Level  
The water level of Bagmati, other than in the rainy season, is almost nil. What we see in the river is ninety percents of sewage running instead of the water. In order to have a sustainably healthy and clean Bagmati we need to increase its flow. 

Awareness Campaign   
Awareness campaigns, like the Mega Bagmati Jal Jatra are needed to raise concern and understanding, so that individually and collectively we can start working on reviving the Bagmati.

Needed Sewage Management  
The foremost and the major problem of the Bagmati is the direct sewage mixing to the River. These needs to be strictly checked out and the mixing should be done after necessary treatment.

As we celebrate the 10th Bagmati River Festival we are hopeful that the Mega Bagmati Jal Jatra will inspire all of us who dwell in the Kathmandu Valley to start living the 5 C.L.E.A.N. Bagmati Stars in whatever way we can, everyday in everything we do. Let the Jal Jatra of today be a festival celebrated for generations to come on the banks of a clean healthy Bagmati, giving life to a peaceful and prosperous Kathmandu.