A Tribute to CNN Hero of the Year

A Tribute to CNN Hero of the Year img

Afnai Maiti - A Tribute to CNN Hero of the Year Ms. Anuradha Koirala
         In the evening of December 11, an event to felicitate CNN Hero 2010 Anuradha Koirala's contribution was held at Soaltee Crowne Plaza. The evening was more than just commemorating Koirala's recent achievement as the CNN Hero. "It is evident that there is darkness in Nepal yet she is the one who emits a ray of hope. This is an attempt to portray that," shared Anil Shah, CEO of Mega Bank.
        The event was also held to set up an endowment fund to cover the operational cost of Maiti Nepal. The Felicitation Fund Raising Event was organized not only to felicitate Ms. Koirala but also with the vision to set up some seed money through this event which will then continue to grow with the contribution of none other than Nepalese nationals contributing to this cause on an ongoing basis. During the event various artists like Ram Krishna Dhakal, Satya Raj Acharya, Swarup Raj Acharya and others performed dedicating their composition to Koirala and to the country. After each performance audience were left with a sense of pride.
       A different touch was given to the evening with the musical composition by Surkarma and simultaneously artists Erina Tamrakar and Kuruchi Das Gupta stroked their brushes on canvas creating vibrant paintings. Different colors and the music had formulated their own language and audiences' applause showed their appreciation.
       The paintings created were then auctioned. Bidding began at Rs 16,000 which closed at Rs 200,000. Both the paintings were bought by Mr. Navraj Ghimire MD of Annapurna Travels and Tours. Auctioned amount was presented to Koirala for her organisation along with approx Rs 2,700,000 raised through the event. It was shared that initial target for the fund was Rs 25, 00,000, but with the help of fellow Nepalese the expectation exceeded to the above mentioned amount.
        The event ended on the note that being a Nepali, one should be able to help one another for the cause of humanity rather than relying solely on foreign aid. "I don't feel alone in my endeavor as today's event has made my beliefs more firm," shared Koirala.
        The Event was organized by Mega Bank, Buddha Air, Brihat Investment, Yeti Airlines, and Prisma Advertising.