MEGA News :
Sunday Jul 05, 2015

Service Excellence

  • - Hi-tech services

    Use of latest software FLEXcube 11.0, e-lounge, TV lounge, Internet banking and others

  • - One stop solutions
    From deposit that suits your pocket to lending as per your requirement
  • - Highly hospitable services
    Customer first culture will make you feel that you are not just a next customer
  • - Spectacular Infrastructure
    States of art architecture and layout that make you feel WOW!
  • - Professional employees
    Mega Galaxy Stars are trained in such a way that they will take care of you like never before.

Being S.T.A.R.S. every day in everything we do

  • -Service Centric
Focus on providing best service in industry
  • -Transformational
Adopting to changing industrial and client specific processes
  • - Action Oriented
Believe in works rather than words
  • - Result Focused
Determined to get what is said
  • -Synergistic
None of us is as smart as all of us

Save Today and Reward Tomorrow

-Meets your Requirement
Tailor made deposit products to suit your requirements

-Attractive Interest Rates
To ensure maximum growth of your investment

-Extra Facilities
Avail extra facilities such as private banking counter, e-lounge, T-lounge & many more

-Free Insurance*
Free insurance coverage on your deposit account

-Service Excellence
Unique and fully satisfactory service guaranteed

Plan your future with MEGA financial support

-Loans as per your need
Loans that enable you to fulfill your desire
-Easy Loan Processing
Avail hassle free loan processing
-Prompt Decision
Quick decision on your loan proposals
-Competitive Rates
To suit your pocket
Mega Services
We Provide